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Backup Generators

Stay warm and safe even when the power goes out

Over the past few years, power outages have become much more common. Whether it's because of an aging electrical grid, climate change, overgrown trees, or just bad luck, it seems like we find ourselves in the dark far too often.

What do you do when your house suddenly has no electrical power? Simple tasks become complicated and your entire life gets turned upside-down.

A backup generator can help keep things on track, even when an electrical power outage occurs. Our electricians will be happy to talk with you and understand your specific situation. Then, we will recommend the most suitable generator system.

There are many options and we will guide you to choose the perfect one for your home. We are experienced electrical contractors who can install all kinds of generators, from the lowest cost portable emergency generator to the most advanced residential standby power system.

Some examples of residential backup generators provided by Keating Electric

Automatic Standby Generators & Installation - Westchester

Home Backup / Standby Generators are permanently-installed automatic backup power solutions that delivers power directly to your home's electrical system. It can power your entire home, or only the most essential appliances and services.


Portable Generators & Installation - Westchester

Portable Emergency Generators are low-cost, manually-operated, gasoline-fueled backup power systems. They are designed to give you power where you need it the most: well pump, furnace, certain appliances, and a few light fixtures, etc.