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Wiring & Cabling

Home electrical wiring & cabling that safely brings power where you need it

For some people, a home's wiring and cabling reminds them of a plate of spaghetti. For others, it's reminiscent of high school shop class. For most, it's part of the hidden magic that helps turn our houses into homes. Wires and cables carry the electricity.

Electricity powers your outlets, switches and all major appliances including HVAC, as well as exterior systems like pools and spas. Home electrical wiring that meets local building codes will keep you and your family safe.

In addition to electrical wiring, most homes have cabling for telephone systems, cable or satellite TV, security systems, audio and video devices, and computer networking. While these usually carry a low voltage, professional installation will help ensure worry-free operation of all your equipment.

Keating Electric has extensive experience with electrical wiring, including new construction and equipment installation as well as the most complex home rewiring projects. Our skilled and licensed electricians will take care of all your home wiring needs, from faulty outlets to new HVAC systems. We also provide professional installation of audio, video, computer and telephone cabling.