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Lighting Controls

Lighting products that allow you to control virtually any lighting fixture in or around your home

Today's lighting controls and switching systems provide greater convenience than ever before. Smart lighting systems combine customized keypads with remote light switches and dimmers to allow you to control interior and exterior lighting from a single panel or remote control. Some systems can even be controlled by an app on your cell phone!

The lighting design and control experts at Keating Electric will work with you to design a customized lighting control system for your whole house, or for a single room. We are also experienced with maintaining and repairing existing lighting control systems.

Lutron Controls - Westchester Lighting Controls

Lutron Lighting Controls & Dimmers

Lutron, the industry leader in dimming products offers Whole House Systems as well as individual room controls from master locations. Lutron HomeWorks® systems, RadioRA® and GRAFIK Eye® units provide flexible designs to meet the needs of every homeowner.

Jandy Controls - Westchester Lighting Controls

Jandy Pool & Spa Controls

Jandy Industries, a leader in swimming pool equipment offers the AquaLink™ pool and spa control system. Control your pool and spa pumps, monitor heaters and change lighting from poolside or anywhere in your home.