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Portable Emergency Generators

A portable emergency generator is a gasoline-powered engine that generates electrical power for your home. Portable generators are a lower-cost alternative to standby generators.

Since portable emergency power generators are fueled by gasoline, you need to make sure you have an adequate supply of fresh gas on hand.

Manual Operation of Portable Generators

Portable emergency generators are operated manually; you need to set them up, turn them on when a power outage occurs, and shut them off when the electricity is restored. And if your portable generator is configured to deliver power directly to your home's electrical system, you will also need to manually operate a transfer switch that protects the electrical system from receiving an overload when power is restored.

Like any gasoline engine, a portable emergency generator should be tested periodically throughout the year so you can be sure that it's ready to perform whenever the need arises.

How Much Backup Power Do You Need?

Portable emergency generators come in different sizes to fit your need. Typically, a portable emergency generator is intended to provide backup power to your home's essentials; furnace, refrigerator / freezer, sump pump, security system, some lights and electrical outlets.

Our electricians will be happy to talk with you and understand your specific situation. Then, we will recommend the most suitable generator solution for your needs.

A generator is the solution to guarantee your life will keep going on, even when the power goes out.


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