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Keep Your Home Safe

Part of keeping your family, home and belongings safe and secure is a professionally configured and maintained home electrical system

Surge Lightning Protection

Your family's safety and security begins at home, with the physical structure and utility services that bring power to your home. When your home's electrical system is maintained by licensed professional electricians, your home is safe, secure and fully powered.

Safe, Reliable Electricity

The foundation of home security is having a safe, reliable electrical system. An adequate supply of electricity, distributed through proper wiring & cabling that meet building codes is a great start. Surge protection adds another layer of security, protecting your family and belongings from power surges. Whole house surge protection is recommended to protect your home from electrical surges caused outside your home, and high-quality power strips should be used to protect TVs and computers from power surges that come from inside your home, like when your furnace cycles on and off.

Home Security

Home security systems rely on electrical current, so an unreliable electrical system makes for an unreliable home security system. After taking steps to ensure your electrical supply is adequate, reliable and safe, you should consider a backup electrical generator to keep your home security system operating even during a power outage.

Another element of home security that's often overlooked is lighting. Exterior lighting illuminates your patio, deck or garden; motion detectors and timers control when the lights turn on and off. For additional security, interior lighting can be used to simulate activity when you are away.

Keating Electric For Your Home's Electrical Safety and Security

For maximum home security, call Keating Electric for licensed, expert electrical services. Our experienced and knowledgeable electricians have the expertise to make sure your home has a safe, reliable electrical supply, proper surge protection, safe wiring and cabling, backup power, and lighting designs and lighting controls that help keep your home safe and secure.