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Surge Protection

Protect your family and whole house with a lightning and voltage surge protection solution from Keating Electric

Surge Lightning Protection

Surge protection isn't just about saving your expensive electronics from damage. It's about the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family and your home is protected from the harm that can be caused by dangerous lightning storms and power surges in your electric supply.

Your safety and security is why Keating Electric takes a whole-house approach to surge suppression. But which specific solutions are right for you? One size never fits all, so we analyze your household needs to determine the best surge protection plan for you.

What Causes Power Surges?

Lightning is the most familiar source of electrical power surges, but it's actually one of the least common causes. When lightning strikes near a power line, the electrical energy can boost electrical pressure by millions of volts, causing an extremely large surge. Although nothing will protect your home in the rare instance of a direct lightning strike, surge protection solutions from Keating Electric will protect your home from voltage surges from lighting and other disturbances such as utility company problems, downed power lines and transformer switching.

Power surges are frequently caused by high powered electrical equipment inside your home, such as refrigerators, pumps, and heating & cooling systems. These devices frequently switch on and off components like compressors and motors, creating sudden, brief demands for power, which upset the steady voltage flow in the electrical system.

While these internal power surges are nowhere near the intensity of a lightning surge, they can be severe enough to damage electrical equipment. And just because your big screen HDTV doesn't blow out immediately doesn't mean it's useful life hasn't been significantly shortened by internal power surges. You need high quality surge protector power strips to protect your electronics from internal power surges.

Surge Protection for Major Appliances & HVAC

Home Appliances

Major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, electric ranges, washers and dryers are essential parts of your daily life. Today's high-tech appliances have sensitive electrical components that are highly prone to failure when there are fluctuations in your electric power supply. With the cost of repair approaching the cost of replacement, why not avoid both by protecting your expensive appliances with a surge protection solution from Keating Electric.

Surge Protection for Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Your home security system is based on sensitive electronic components and both wired and wireless communication. Even the most expensive system doesn't provide much security if a window sensor, motion detector, or signal receiver is blown out by a power surge. Protect the system that protects you and your family with a surge suppression solution from Keating Electric.

Surge Protection for Home Theaters, TV and Electronics

Home Theater

Now that the Family Room has been taken over by big screen HDTVs, blu-ray players, surround sound speakers, Xbox, and wireless streaming media, you have a Home Theater full of expensive electronic devices. Protect your investment with a complete surge protection solution from Keating Electric..

Surge Protection for Home Offices and Computers

Home Office

In today's digital world, everyone has computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, and networking devices. Whether you just check email or run an entire business from your home, your computing and networking equipment are essential parts of your life. Insurance will often pay for replacing the physical devices when they are damaged by voltage surges, but what about your photos, videos, music, and information that could be lost? A surge protection solution from Keating Electric can help protect your digital world, while keeping your home office equipment safe from power surges and voltage fluctuations.