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Standby Generators

A home backup generator is a permanently-installed backup power solution that delivers power directly to your home's electrical system. It can power your entire home, or only the most essential appliances and services.

Home backup power generators are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane (LP). You never have to lug heavy gasoline containers from the local gas station, or find a place to store the gas cans.

Automatic / Standby Operation

Home backup generators automatically sense power outages and start up automatically within seconds – whether you're at home or not. The generator also senses when electrical power is restored and shuts itself down automatically, as well.

When at rest, the generator will automatically test itself so you can be sure that it's ready to perform whenever the need arises.

How Much Backup Power Do You Need?

Home backup power generators come in different sizes to fit your need. Some people want a backup generator that will power their entire house; heating and cooling, appliances, lights, everything. Others may only want a backup generator to power the essentials; refrigerator / freezer, sump pump, security system, and a few lights.

Our electricians will be happy to talk with you and understand your specific situation. Then, we will recommend the most suitable generator solution for your needs.

A standby generator is the solution to guarantee your life will keep going on even when the power goes out.

Automatic Standby Generators - Westchester NY