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Electrical Remodeling & Renovation

Keating Electric provides electrical services for your home renovation or remodeling project

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Home renovation and remodeling projects present the perfect opportunity to upgrade electrical service, install custom lighting, add surge protection, and improve your overall electrical system.

Why an Electrical Services Contractor?

Electricity is a common part of our daily lives. But don't forget, electricity is a powerful force of nature. Electricity can be a safe, reliable source of energy to power your home. But if the electrical supply coursing through your home isn't managed correctly, personal injury and property damage can result.

When you're taking on a home remodeling or renovation project, check with your general contractor to make sure he and his sub-contractors are licensed professionals who are expert in electrical service contracting. Remodeling projects can be expensive, so you might be tempted to save some money by using an unlicensed electrician – or you might even consider doing the electrical work yourself.

Don't even think about it. You, your family, and your home are far too important to entrust to anyone but a licensed, experienced, well-known and highly-rated electrical services contractor who is familiar with local Westchester building codes.

Keating Electric has provided licensed and certified electrical services to Westchester County homeowners for over 25 years, and will be here for many years to come. We have won many awards from Angie's List because we take care of our electrical services customers.

Protect your family's safety and security by using Keating Electric as your electrical services contractor for your home improvement project.

Electrical Services Contractors | Westchester

Your Electrical Services Contractor

A licensed, experienced electrical services contractor considers all components of your electrical service during a home remodeling or renovation project. An electrical services company will address safety and security needs such as an upgraded power supply and surge protection needs. An electrical services contractor will work with you to plan out the electrical needs for your renovation, and install the wiring and cabling necessary to bring power to your new living space. And what's a new living space without custom lighting?

Keating Electric would be proud to be the electrical services contractor for your home improvement project. We have the expertise and the experience to help make your project a success!