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Wiring & Cabling - Air Conditioning & Ceiling Fans

Keep your home cool and comfortable

Fortunately, most homeowners would never consider installing the electrical supply for a central air conditioning unit. But when it comes to window air conditioners and ceiling fans, some homeowners get a little more ambitious.

Even though it's easy to just plug a window air conditioner into the nearest outlet, it's important to calculate the additional electrical load because if that outlet is on a heavily used electrical circuit, it may overload the circuit. The added electrical demand could trip the circuit breaker or cause a slow deterioration of other appliances on the same circuit or even throughout the home. A professional electrician can trace the circuit, measure the electrical load, and determine whether a new circuit is needed.

Ceiling fans help reduce the use of air conditioners by making rooms more comfortable on warm days while also adding beauty and value to your home. Proper installation requires running cables and wires to the exact location and securing the fan assembly to ensure it is firm and safe.

Keating Electric is experienced with installation of wiring and circuits for air conditioners and ceiling fans. We will be happy to consult with you about your cooling needs.

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