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Wiring & Cabling - Audio, Video, Computer & Telephone

Cables and wiring for home theaters, entertainment systems and home offices

It starts out with just one wire, draped along just one wall. Then the next thing you know, there's a tangle of wires, cables and devices running across the floor, down the hall, through the attic, and so on.

As much as wireless networking and Bluetooth devices have reduced the need for all those cables, there are still many wired services within your home. Cable TV requires cabling throughout the home. Landline telephone services are distributed through the home by wire. Home theater systems carry video signals and most audio signals between components via cable. Home office computing equipment is often still cabled.

Keating Electric is very experienced with audio, video, computer and telephone cabling. We will be happy to consult with you about your needs and design a custom cabling solution for your home.

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